Unit 40 Hunts

RockTomCome hunt this legendary Unit with Whiskey Mountain Outfitters! We have over 600 square miles to our exclusive permits; lots of land to cover to find the right Trophy for you!!

We offer both early season archery Mule Deer Hunts while they are still in the velvet, and late Rut Rifle Mule Deer Hunts! Both hunts are phenomenal and offer both archers and riflemen the opportunity to kill the Buck of a Lifetime!!

On the early archery hunts, we sit back and use our optics to find deer while they are up feeding. Then, when they bed down; the wind is analyzed, a plan is made, and the Stalk is on!!

On the late Rut hunts, we cover lots of country using our UTV’s and ATV’s glassing herd after herd of does, waiting for Your buck to come along to breed. This time of year, bucks can cover many, many miles in a single day and night… especially the Big Boys! So we don’t spend much time watching one herd of deer. We have found it more conducive to look at as many herds as possible, day after day, until your Buck of a Lifetime makes his appearance. We will pass many really nice bucks, along our adventure, looking for a true Giant!

There are both Archery and Rifle tags available for this highly sought after elk tag! Before season, we will fly the unit and see where the elk herds are hanging out. Then come opening day of your hunt, whether rifle or bow, we will do our best to put a Huge, Trophy bull elk in your lap! This season is in the Peak of the Rut and we will hear many bugles and see many elk. There is a reason that this is the most desired elk tag in the entire state of Idaho! and WyattDeerWhiskey Mountain Outfitters will put you in the Herd!!

As most Units that have strong elk and deer herds, there are also abundant Cougar and Bobcat populations! We own many well trained Walker Hounds that make their living chasing down our quarry! Many hours will be spent using trucks, UTV’s, ATV’s, and snowmobiles looking for a Trophy Tom Cougar track or a Bobcat track. Once a track is found, the dogs are turned loose and the fun begins!! Use your bow, rifle, handgun, or old-fashioned lever gun to bag your Cat! We offer both a standard Cougar hunt for any Cougar, but we also offer a Guaranteed Tom hunt for the more selective hunter!

Our camp for these hunts is tucked away on private land in the middle of the hunt area. A cook tent with carpet, electricity, and a big wood stove is used for eating, telling stories, and staying warm. The private tents sleep two and are also outfitted with carpet, electricity, wood stoves, and mattresses (not cots) to make your nights enjoyable and restful. Were all about comfort and great times here at Whiskey Mountain Outfitters!!