Trophy Mule Deer Hunt     From 7-day hunts to Full Season* hunts – Call for Pricing
Velvet Archery or Rifle Rut Hunt in the Legendary Owyhee Mountains of Unit 40. A chance at a Monster Muley makes this one of the most desired Mule Deer tags in the entire state of Idaho. High Success on Trophy Bucks! Outfitter Allocated Tags and Public Draw Tags.

*(The Season Hunt is for the most discerning of Trophy hunters. We’re going to be here and there’s always plenty of help, so if time isn’t an issue for you than come and hunt for as long as necessary to kill your Dream buck!! Look over lots of bucks, in lots of places, and get the most out of your coveted deer tag!!)

7 Day Trophy Elk Hunt       Call for pricing
If you’re lucky enough to have one of these tags in your pocket, don’t waste your time searching for the elusive Owyhee elk on your own. Come hunt with us and experience massive bull elk rutting “with out wolf pressure”.  Public Draw Tag

5 Day Black Bear Hunt        $2500
Hunt big, Idaho, color-phase bears on a private chunk of land near Riggins. This makes for a great archery hunt with our 2-man ladder stands, or try the traditional spot and stalk method. *Group Discounts Available

7 Day Mountain Lion Hunt        $5000-$7500
Chase these elusive predators with some of the best hounds and houndsmen that Idaho has to offer! Watching a good pack of hounds track down and tree a big Cougar is one of the best experiences you’ll ever do! And a Cougar makes for a well-rounded Trophy Room!

Over-the-Counter tags available.
Standard 7-Day Cougar Hunt: $3500-$10,000
Guaranteed Trophy Tom Hunts (hunt until you kill a Tom)
Economy Cougar Hunts


Sheep Hunt: Call for pricing
Apply for these California Bighorn Sheep tags! Some of the better draw odds you will find and we will do what it takes to put you on a mature Ram!


5 Day Archery/Rifle Antelope Hunt       $2500
Spot-n-stock or blind hunt over a trail or watering hole for the fastest animal in North America. Public Draw Tag

Coyote Hunts       $200
This is a great off season trip. Hide out while your guide calls in the wiley coyote for a great day of shooting. Two person minimum.

NON-HUNTING GUESTS are welcome at any time in our camp at a reduced rate of $100-$250 (depending on hunt). Your guest may accompany you in the field only if you are guided one on one. Under no circumstances will the non-hunting guest be allowed to carry a weapon.